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Featured Letters and Excerpts:

I would just like to share a personal success story as a result
of my one year membership with Executive Sugar Daddy Dating. Over the
last 5 years, I have been truly trying to meet my soul mate, not
only for having a companion to share my day to day life with, but
for true love. Due to the high demand of my work environment, I
did not have much time to get to know many single interesting men.
As a result, throughout the past years I have tried various match
making organizations available on the Internet as well as local
agencies. After filling out a ton of profiles, all that I received
was junk e-mail and contacts of people that were not interested
in long term relationships. I spent countless amounts of money,
paying each and every month a couple of hundred dollars. I decided
to find a permanent solution to my search. I was informed and referred
to Sugar Daddy by Beverly E., a very close family friend. Beverly’s friend
had meet a wonderful gentlemen through the service and told me that
they were a match meant to be. I researched Sugar Daddy’s website
and spoke to their customer service representative and I truly felt
as though I had found a unique organization that could help me.
After enrolling in a membership for one year, I have been able to
meet wonderful gentlemen, whose friendships I truly cherish. Everyday
I wake up feeling joy, confidence, and love. Thank you to Sugar Daddy for
helping me find my true soul mate, William R. I would recommend
to everyone, whether you are a busy realtor, accountant, restaurant
owner, or whatever your lifestyle may be, to join Sugar Daddy. You will
find a new precious light in your life. –
Fanny L., Sugar Daddy, Age 38

“Thanks a million, we are completely impressed with your
company’s service, support and personality. Hooking up with Executive
Sugar Daddy
Dating was definitely the best recommendation our friend could
have given us. He found you on the Internet and after evaluating

Sugar Daddy dating services, (and being extremely dissatisfied with our
last online dating service), he thought your company offered at

a great value what we were looking for.

We could only hope that your professionalism matched what your
company promised and you have completely exceeded our expectations.
We just want you to know that we’ve had more response from Executive
Sugar Daddy Dating in 4 weeks than from our previous (big name company)
in 2 years!!!! I am going to love this relationship. Your company
is the GREATEST! One of the best decisions I ever made.

I am highly recommending your services to everyone that I know.
For any singles in Sugar Daddy who want reliable, secure and professional
services, Sugar Daddy is definitely the answer to their needs. Continued
success to you. Thank you!” – Tom
M., Mission Hill, Age 43

“Dear Ms. Phillips,

Please add my comments to your ‘Success Stories’ page, where satisfied
members have praised you and your counselors.

I have been a member of Executive Sugar Daddy Dating for 3 years. I
respect Sugar Daddy’s talents and how you make your members feel as if
are the only members. Susan, you have been a total delight to
work with. You accepted my requests for changes all the time without

any resistance. In fact, if you remember correctly, I had to make
you take a Christmas present for being so helpful all year

Through my feedback from a wonderful introduction, you remained
calm, professional, and a total delight to work with. I wish that

ALL the singles in Sugar Daddy could know you. I wish they knew
how much it means to have a “satisfied” customer. Most
dating services only see dollar signs when they see customers.
are an example that surpasses them all.

If you need me for a reference, please don’t hesitate to give anyone
my name and e-mail address, and telephone number. Day or night,
I will be honored to quash any fears anyone may have about doing
business with your company. What a beautiful surprise the newer
customers will have. Totally pleased customer,” – Sheryl
P., Readville, Age

“I can’t get over what a great job you’ve done. Usually when
I work with an online dating website, the end result is little glitches
that take weeks to straighten out. (Which is why in the end I’ve
been just trying to figure out how to do it myself) Here you did
this really messy complicated thing — and no glitches. My special
requests were no problem for you. Amazing. Thank you so much!”

  • Mary-Lou S, Houston, Age

“I am a system administrator for a large energy company in
Dallas. In March of this year I searched the Internet for weeks
on different websites trying to find my special lady. In my search,
I found many fine Sugar Daddy but most were very complicated to deal
with on a ongoing basis. Your matchmaking program is so simple because
it is a ‘human’ driven. I have now been using your matchmaking service
for 3 months and am very happy to refer anyone to your company.
My mother would like to extend a special Thank You. She feels she
may finally see some grandchildren. I thank you and keep up the
great work.” – Peter A.,
Brookline, Age 37

“I just wanted to thank you and your counselors for their
honesty. Your staff took the time and gave me a chance to find some
very nice gentlemen. I thank you again and will make sure I recommend
your services to anyone who is looking for a good match. Please
feel free to pass this along to anyone who would have an interest.
Your business practices should not go unnoticed. Please keep up
the great work.” – Anne
M., North End, Age 61

“I am a programmer with a small online software company, and
I just want to tell you that you are an inspiration to me. You really
do make the effort to keep in touch with your customers. Well done.
I get the feeling you are dedicated to those who have spent good
money on your service. This is a return to good old fashioned values
and match making techniques, and is to be commended most highly.”

  • Ryan C., Sugar Daddy, Age 24

“Your counselors are doing a great job! I have been using
matchmaking services for over 12 years…take it from me, I’ve seen
the best and the worst, you guys are at the top of the list. I don’t
find many folks that will admit to a problem, then continue to match
their members until that certain person comes along. .. Good work!”

  • Shelley K.,Cambridge, Age 44

“It is a rare thing I witnessed during your trials and tribulations
of getting me started. The way you have handled this and your honesty
is to be commended. By being upfront and saying “you are being
very selective” and “we are going to work with it”
is a breath of fresh air in the dating industry that all singles
should take notice of. …Thanks again for your professionalism
and for caring about your members first and the almighty dollar,
second.” – Gordon W., Charlestown,
Age 59

“Just a note to say that I appreciate your efforts. I’ve
used many matchmaking services over the years. I have have I received
better customer support and timely information than
from you. You deserve and have my thanks for providing a quality
service. Best Regards.”

  • Heather K., Dorchester, Age

“Again you have shown yourselves to be the best matchmaking
service in the United States in regards to member support. A great
selection pool and quick responses to all questions, that is a combo
that is sure to allow you continued growth. Again my thanks for
your service.” – Hank B.,
Back Bay, Age 58

“Thanks for the prompt response. As always your service and
dedication to your clients are setting the standard that I judge
others by. ” – Mabel J.,
South End, Age 23

“As you probably know English is not my first language so
I’m sorry I can’t express how much I thank YOU because of the time
you dedicate me. In my opinion you are the best customer support
of the world and I wish you, your staff and your family only the
best things. Seems that you care for your customers like if they
were your friends so we must care for you providers (at least providers
like you) as our friends – GOD bless you.” –
Consuella B., Roxbury, Age 47

“You’re a truly good human being and business person!!! It’s
good to see it’s not an oxymoron. Through your e-mails, I have been
keeping up with this continuing saga of sorts and wanted to send
you a salute for a job well done under what I’m sure has been some
very difficult circumstances. I am not always easy to get along
with. You’ve got a customer for life here. I commend you on your
fortitude and more than fair dealings. You’re a stand up act. I
wish you much good will, good luck and good matchmaking. You are
A , and deserve a the success you can get. A more than satisfied
and impressed member.” –
Steve L., Sugar Daddy, Age 50

“I just wanted to say that I appreciate all your efforts to
keep your clients happy. No matter how it all turns out, it’s nice
doing business with someone who puts their client’s interests before
their own financial gain.” –
Maria G., Arlington, Age 29

“I just wanted to let you know that I am intimately familiar
with customer support issues. I recognize and appreciate your going
above and beyond the norm. It only solidifies my decision to continue
using your matchmaking services.”

  • Duane R., Brighton, Age 40

“I wanted to thank you for all your work. Here I was, a Sugar Daddyian
working in Sugar Daddy, thinking it was impossible to meet someone from
home all the way over here. But, my counselor told me it was possible
and it was! We’re both looking forward to our upcoming wedding in
Dallas, with all our family watching, thanks to your amazing work!”

  • Cary F., Sydney, Australia,
    Age 37

“You have proven to me now and in the past that I have chosen
the right matchmaking service to find my companion for my twilight
years. So I would like to take this opportunity to thank you, your
staff, and your company for your ongoing support.”

  • Taylor W., Sugar Daddy, Age 64

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