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On taking the first steps in changing your career, a career advice centre can help you to help yourself and check out what options are available. Celebrities employ personal security contractors for event security guards, unarmed drivers, unarmed personal security agents, or even around-the-clock protection offered by people who have law enforcement experience. If you want to become a bodyguard and think that this industry is the right fit for you, we are keen on helping you become one.

The duties of a bodyguard include a number of specialized skills, related to security or the celebrity’s reputation, that are generally not learned in college. Being a bodyguard is tactical end entails following your client closely, as well as training and lots of organization. A day on the job can include escorting the client to dinner, music video sets, or award ceremonies.

Bodyguards usually offer protection to celebrities and athletes from a variety of concerns, including stalking or harassment. Trained celebrity bodyguards typically work with managers, attorneys, promoters, actors, film directors as well as Restaurant Owners. If you want to build a career as an armed bodyguard, here is a complete guide where you’ll see that the demand for bodyguards is increasing by the day.

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You have to maintain a daily regime that targets endurance, build a reputation as a fast thinking employee and take the tough jobs, showing thus a willingness to go beyond the basic requirements. A bodyguard provides protection services and, according to a wage study, a security guards earnes an annual median salary of $23,900 per year. You must be in great physical shape, but with some training, you can become a bodyguard.

Chances are that a top government official or any other high profile individual will be in need of a bodyguard or personal security, whose duty is to protect him. So, below is a guide of the requirements needed for deeming yourself fit to become a personal bodyguard.

  1. You need to be over the age of 18

If you are under 18, take this time to research the job and find courses to take.


  1. You must have the ability to help

You should keep your clients out of harm’s way so they can achieve their personal goals.

  1. Train within the Executive Protection Institute

The academy offers courses in handgun training with multiple attacker scenarios, legal issues and protection tactics, which aim at mitigating risks for bodyguards, and protect the client by confronting head-on.

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