Your Attitude Counts in Seducing a Woman


How to Attract Women in the Classroom With These Great Tips

Most women have a natural curiosity about men, and you can use that to your advantage in college. Just by showing the minimum amount of interest you should be able to get into a woman’s good graces in 3 minutes.

Confidence is the key to getting the girl in 3 minutes or less. You should come across as confident whether you’re talking about economic or political topics. You should also focus on your A games, or get those early home runs, if you’re going to play a lesser market than hers. This includes knowing when to beat her with your words and emotions, and when to calmly switch off andirect your discussion towards her.

The ability to flirt is also important. If you want to get more exercize on seducing a women you can try sites like : .No woman wants to be with a man that can’t maintain a conversation, and show her you can talk to her about things the other men aren’t talking about. Couples at a party together shouldn’t be afraid to joke around and flirt around the edges, as long as they’re not putting themselves too far out there. Know when it’s time to draw the line, and put your foot down with a plan. Make sure that you understand where you’re going with your flirtations and how she’s going to react. It’s very important to read the signs she gives you, and then be able to adjust your style accordingly.

One under-appreciated flirtation tactic is the cool distance attraction technique. Here’s a way you can use the law of absence to your advantage in a very powerful way. If you’re at a party or a bar together and you want to hit on a girl, just leave. Let her know that you’ve got to go and flirt with someone.

I ask women I’m into to come over to my house and sit on the couch,and they love doing it because I’m not annoying them, and they don’t feel like they’re trapped.I turn on the television, and cut off the news, and lean against the couch and talk to them. Tell them we’re going to go have a drink together downtown.When they come over to the couch, I pop the television back and Remedy’s “I Been There” plays on the screen.

What’s so great about that? You’re doing something together withoutTraditional courtship. You’re not batting your eyelashes or giving her cheesy compliments. You’re simply leaving. Instead of lingering produces or staring at their face, you’re leaving. This creates a void in the conversation. It challenges them andsuits the “you is or aren’t you” idea.

What you’ve just done is given her something to respond to. Now she has to work to do something. This is also something that has a mysterious paradox inside. She knows that a lot of the things you’ve told her to do have already happened, but you’re telling her another story.

She knows YOU are Remedy, and the song is about a guy who hits on his woman in a club. But she doesn’t know if you’re going to hit on her, or just flirt with her.

In the meantime, the uncertainty of the present situation is enough for her to want some. This is further complicated by the fact that you’re not just leaving to flirt with someone else — you’re stuck with this beautiful woman who saved you from an awkward interaction.

In the end, it’s not just your imagination that makes the theatrics interesting. A woman appreciates the art of the possible, and the unexpected.

So hopefully you realize the value of the art of the flirt. And I’d like to think that next time you see a beautiful woman, you’ll continue thinking of the best way to save her from the normal and boring, and probably from something she HAS to do!

What are some unique and creative ways to save someone from a boring interaction?

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